Valuation and Strategy

Unlocking Value, Charting Success

Drawing on our fused expertise and research from the entire SADC region, AMG provides a comprehensive service for organizations that need an independent valuation of their business or assets.
AMG provides value-related advice on aspects like asset valuation, cost of capital and the concomitant financial implications, corporate debt, investment structuring and restructuring, business mentoring, mergers and joint ventures. We can help you put an exact price not only on debt instruments but also on shares, goodwill, brands and other intangible assets in your organization.
Whether evaluating major investment decisions to unlock business value, providing expert valuation opinion, offering advice on cross-border deals, or addressing IFRS valuation issues such as Purchase Price Allocations (PPAs) and impairment reviews, AMG seeks to offer specialized value adding service.
Whether you require an expert opinion for the Securities Regulation Panel or JSE Securities Exchange South Africa, require advice or assistance in price negotiations, or need assistance with IFRS valuations, AMG specialists will provide you with the necessary advice and expertise on a range of valuation needs.