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Public and Private Sector Partnerships

Government is under significant pressure to improve public services and develop infrastructure. This places significant burden on government resources and public sector capital. Increasingly, the private sector is asked to provide capital and resources through PPPs which take on many forms like concessions and joint ventures. PPPs allow the public sector to achieve value for money by accessing private sector capital, resources and skills, thereby obtaining the benefits of innovation, risk transfer and improved service levels and quality. To this end, AMG provides advice to both public and private sector participants. We help government undertake feasibility studies by scoping and developing the project and evaluating the right procurement methodology. By managing the procurement process, including negotiation assistance, we ensure a timely financial close in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements. We advise government on the principles and implementation of PPPs. We assist in structuring the deals and providing advisory assistance from bid submissions and clarification, through to financial close.


Governments require that their privatization programmes focus on achieving their objectives, recognizing local, cultural and economic conditions, while gaining from international experience and best practice. AMG advises governments on privatization policies, developing frameworks and assisting in implementing privatization transactions across a broad range of industries. We provide support and advice on developing the appropriate strategy and structure for the privatization transaction, regulation and competition policies.

Feasibility studies, Project Audit, Evaluation and Mentoring

Government is investing a lot of public capital in public and joint-venture projects. The biggest challenge faced by government, however, is availability of internal skills, capacity and time to determine the financial viability of these projects for self-sustenance, job creation, and to ensure that the projects are structured and managed in such a manner as to provide return on investment and achieve all the intended objectives, within the laid out time frames. AMG helps public sector to do conclusive market and project feasibility studies, structure and implement efficient operational, performance and financial systems, and mentor the projects for assurance and business success. For the projects which are already on-going, AMG helps government to carry out focused and limited audits to determine the state of affairs vis a vis the original objectives and compliance with relevant agreements.