Entrepreneurial and Business Development

Driving your business forward with innovative development solutions.

Successful businesses are vital for a strong economy. Unfortunately, majority of start-up businesses do not survive beyond their introductory phase. Usually, this is not due to lack of good business ideas, or market viability, but lack of good knowledge of what to do, when, how, and where to do it. To succeed, business owners must take advantage of existing opportunities, including the opportunity to choose a good advisor even before the business idea is implemented.


The AMG Entrepreneurial Advice Division helps its clients build on their strength so as to leverage the full potential of their resources and businesses. We help our clients carry out feasibility studies, fine-tune business ideas, prepare both operational and bankable business plans and budgets, and not only do we coach management but also mentor the organization for optimal results. Our business advice and consultation services also include business development, acquisitions and mergers, as well as due diligence. The cornerstone of our service is relationship building and augmentation of your capacity where you are found to be lacking or lacking time to get involved. We use our considerable business experience to help you find practical and innovative ways to achieve growth and profitability.